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It seems to be the start of party season again – almost every week one of the children is coming home from school or nursery with an invitation to a birthday celebration of some sort. Each party requires a present, and I do sometimes struggle with finding personal and imaginative gifts that will be appreciated. 

I have come up with a list of a few items that always seem to go down well.

gifts for kids

  1. Happy bath time stackers. Bath toys are always a winner with younger children, and I love these stacking animals. They stick to the bath surfaces, so you can build them up into a tower, then knock them down and do it all again!
  2. When Gemma has a party to go to, I tend to choose something a bit more grown up – most of her friends are turning 12. Nail art kits are always popular, and I love this design it yourself set from Marks & Spencer. It comes with a brush for painting and a nib for drawing so you can make any pattern you choose. I like to stock up on this sort of gift using the M&S deals at Groupon, so I always have a stash in the present drawer!
  3. Jacob is a massive fan of jokes and tricks, so I often choose joke books for this age group. Not only does it keep them laughing, it also encourages a little bit of reading too, which can sometimes be difficult to promote in 9-10 year old boys, so this really is a win-win option 😉
  4. You can’t go wrong with a good puzzle. I love the pirate puzzle from M&S, which comes in a treasure chest, making it that little bit more exciting! It’s also a great way to keep everything stored away neatly when not in use. 

If all else fails, I usually hit the supermarkets. I can nearly always find something there, no matter what the age group. Colouring books and pens, DVD’s, small toy cars, Lego sets and lovely children’s books. 

What is your go to birthday gift when your child gets a party invitation?


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