4 fertility diet tips for future mums and dads

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The occurrence and variety of fertility issues increase every year, so you should check out Fertility Plus. Researchers also find that the quality of one’s diet affects their offspring, so the relevance of eating right grows. Luckily, there’s also plenty of research into the subject of fertility diet. So, if you want to have a healthy baby today, you should use these simple tips that will help you not only conceive but also strengthen your little one’s health.

4 Fertility Diet Tips for Both Future Parents

1.     Load up on maca powder

Powdered maca root is a staple food in Peru, which is considered one of the main reason for the nation’s fertility. This particular plant is not only a highly nutritious superfood. It’s a potent aphrodisiac and a natural fertility enhancer.

The product affects both men and women, albeit differently. For women, it boosts libido and helps get their hormonal levels to the point of making conception easier. For men, this superfood increases vitality and virility. It’s even used in natural supplements designed to treat erectile dysfunction.

Please note that maca powder is such a potent superfood that one needs to consult their doctor about taking it. This is especially important if you are going through a medicinal fertility therapy.

2.     Lose some weight

Multiple studies prove that excessive pre-pregnancy weight is harmful for both the baby and mother’s health (Chicago Tribune). A recent study from the University of Michigan has also proven that a high BMI in young mothers increases the risk of obesity and excessive pregnancy weight gain. All this means that you definitely should consider losing weight to have a baby.

For men, the main reason is that obesity decreases the quality of sperm and virility. Therefore every pound of excess weight is directly tied to the reduction of fertility.

You also should remember that weight loss is easier together. It can be a great bonding experience for a couple and help you get into the right mindset for the specialized fertility diet.

3.     Be smart about your fats

The renowned book from the Harvard School of Medicine “Fertility Diet based on one of the biggest nutrition-related studies of ovulatory women highlighted the importance of a tough fat-intake control for increasing the chances of conception. The fertility diet tips offered by these researchers boil down to:

  • Decreasing the intake of trans fats or excluding them completely
  • Replacing trans fats with monounsaturated fats (olive oil, avocados, etc.)
  • Consuming full-fat dairy products instead of low-fat

Simple as that you need to clean up your fat intake in order to enhance your fertility. Men will benefit from this as much as women because a diet high in unhealthy fats weakens blood vessels, which means erectile problems. This also increases the risk of obesity, which lowers the sperm count and motility.

4.     Take that folate supplement together

It’s a well-known fact that every aspiring mother should take a folate supplement. It’s prescribed by your doctor and will most likely be included in any fertility therapy. This supplement is so essential because it reduces the risk of neural tube birth defects up to 80%.

However, it’s a less-known fact that future fathers also should be taking a folate supplement. A deficiency of this element in the male body can increase the risk of birth defects and genetic changes that result in a higher susceptibility to chronic diseases.

Note that the intake of folate for men should be lower as there’s no need to ‘get extra’. Yo9u should consult your doctor and take a test to determine the current level of this nutrient to determine the exact dosage.

Remember that despite the proven efficiency of some fertility diet tips, every person is different. Therefore, there isn’t a guarantee that these things will work best in your personal case. That’s why it’s essential to have your doctor approve of any dietary changes.


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