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As a lot of you will know, we moved into a new house a couple of years ago. When we first moved in, we left everything exactly as it was while we saved a bit of cash, but now we have been here for a little while, we are getting a bit bored of the new build magnolia! We have been starting to think about some simple decorating, especially in the kitchen and the master bedroom; we are certainly not averse to doing a spot of decorating and updating ourselves.
I have been keeping a little list of anything I see that catches my eye, so that when the time comes I can look back and find all the things that I like, and would like to use in our new house. Everything from carpets and paint colours to wall art and candles.  
We currently have a high gloss kitchen. I know they may not seem ideal with little fingers, but it is very easy to clean, and I love the simple, modern look. I also love appliances being hidden too – I think it gives a nice clean look. Our units are a charcoal grey at the moment, which I love, but the magnolia walls don’t really show it off to its full potential. We have chosen a mint green paint for the dining area, and a bright white for the kitchen end, to really make everything stand out. I really want some new lighting in the kitchen too – it’s a room we use SO much, and our current lights are a bit lacklustre. I have seen some amazing LED options at Lights, and I have been eyeing up this amazing chrome one – wouldn’t it make a fantastic centrepiece?
chrome kitchen light
Our bedroom is another area I want to tackle. We have some ideas already – white gloss drawers and bedside cabinets, and some funky lamps. We have a fitted wardrobe with mirrored doors already, which really helps to make the room feel spacious, and keeps everything tidy too. We have been looking at wallpaper for a feature wall behind the bed, and we are leaning towards a wood effect, for the scandinavian effect. Our bedding and curtains are yellow and grey, which seems pretty on trend at the moment, and we love it, so we will keep that. I’d really like to find a statement ornament for the windowsill, maybe some sort of sculptured shape, and some gorgeous scented candles to finish it all off. 
Once we have made a start on the inside of the house, the garden is next on my hit list. We have booked someone to come and fit some artificial grass, so it can be an all weather play area, and I want to start collecting some pretty pots for planting. 
Do you have big plans for your home this year? I think it is really exciting, and something as simple as a lick of paint, some new flooring or even a bright set of cushions can totally change the look and feel of a room. 

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