Tips for decorating your child’s bedroom

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Your child is going to be in their bedroom plenty. From sleeping to playing with friends, watching TV and doing homework, they will spend plenty of time in the space. So, they should enjoy it. These are some tips for decorating the space your child calls their bedroom.

Let them do some of the work.

Let them choose the paint colours, new linens, the drapes and linens, and let them add their own art to the space. If they can create their own touches throughout, they are more likely to feel connected to the space, rather than if you were to do all of the work yourself as a parent.

Ask them if there is a theme, character, or other concept they like.

Again, this allows them to create a space that is inviting, and one which they are going to feel comfortable in. Make sure your child loves it, and will not outgrow the decision, when you are redecorating their room. If you would like some help with a themed bedroom you could ask a local painter and decorator to come and assist you. provides an easy way of getting in touch and receiving quotes from local tradesmen and they also provide excellent guides such as the cost of painting a bedroom.

Utilise storage.

Children’s rooms are usually smaller than adult or master-bedrooms. You should consider beds with under-drawer storage, stackable items for storing, hanging storage and so forth. You don’t have too much room to work with, and you want your kids to keep the space neat and clean. So, you need to find ways in which to help them do this. With the right storage compartments and pieces in place, they are going to keep the space clean, and the room is not going to look as cluttered, even if it is a very tight space that you are working with, when you choose to do any work or redecorating in the children’s bedrooms in your home.

You have options when redecorating, let the kids get involved, and utilise some of these tips when it comes time to redecorate their bedroom in your home.


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  1. June 5, 2018 / 10:56 am

    We swapped rooms with our son at Christmas so that he and his brother could share the bigger room. He had all sorts of ideas regarding colours but we were in a rush to get it done so literally just swapped all the contents. I’m glad we did leave it white as there’s enough colour between the curtains, rug and the boxes in his kallax units and we’re not precious about him having a gallery wall of pictures stuck on using tape because we hadn’t redecorated. I’m sure when he’s older he’ll definitely want a say in how it looks which could be interesting as he’s always going to have to share with is brother!
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