Have yourself a cost effective Christmas


It’s autumn. The leaves are turning. The days are getting shorter and you’ve just seen Halloween sweets at the supermarket. This can only mean one thing – Christmas is on its way. For many of us, the festive season brings stress and money worries so if you’re feeling under pressure, talk to Creditfix for help.

Even if you’re not feeling the pinch, there’s no reason you should throw money away unnecessarily. Read through these tips and ideas so that you enter the new year feeling confident and flusher than usual.

Pin down your budget

When you’ve worked out how much you’ve got to play with, you can plan. Look at your figures and see them as a limit rather than a target. If you can come in under budget, you can put the amount you saved into a special Christmas account all ready for next year!

Don’t buy the most expensive turkey in the shop

You don’t even have to buy a turkey at all! No-one really likes ploughing through the remains for days afterwards, so why not get two or three plump, corn-fed free-range chickens instead? The same applies to other Christmas favourites, too. Pigs-in-blankets, after-dinner mints, stuffing balls, trifles… Choose own-brands or make your own. Children don’t have especially refined palates, so you can get away with cheaper treats than usual.

Get as much cashback as possible

Many retailers are on cashback sites so start your browsing on these sites and look for your preferred retailers first. Even if it’s just 5% back on your orders, it’s something to help you through January, right?

Stay vigilant

Sign up for email alerts so you get wind of price drops as soon as they happen. You should also earmark special items and watch their prices throughout December – you’ll see them falling so you can pounce when they’re optimal. Watch out for buy one, get one free offers in shops and online retailers, too.

Make a list and check it as often as you like

Not just twice! By making a list, you’ll be less likely to make impulse purchases because your relatives will love what you chose for them. The list will help you to stay within budget and you’ll feel a real sense of achievement as you tick items off.

Your list should also include things like sticky tape, gift tags and wrapping paper so you’re not unpleasantly surprised by this “extra” expense. The Works is a great place to look for all those stocking fillers and added extras!

Order your stocking fillers from China

You need to do this in October and November so that they arrive in time, but by ordering little toys and similar items from China you can get rock-bottom prices. Even if you miss this window of opportunity, you can still get decent bargains at pound shops – they get most of their stock from remaindered sales and China, so you’ll still strike it lucky.

Get your bake on

If you usually buy presents for teachers, your postie, colleagues and your hairdresser, then you don’t have to stop. Make some traditional Finnish gingerbread instead and present the cookies in pretty boxes or cellophane bags. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be turning out batches of perfect cookies with your eyes closed.


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