5 tips for looking after an unwell child

unwell child

There is nothing worse than seeing your child poorly, and for you to feel completely helpless. Children are prone to catching stomach bugs and colds, and even breaking bones as their bodies aren’t quite fully developed yet.

Here are just a few tips on how you can really help your child get better, and ensure they are completely relaxed and comfortable when they are feeling a little under the weather:


Make Note of Their Symptoms

Keep an eye out on the symptoms that they are showing. If your little boy/girl is throwing up more frequently, or their energy levels are getting lower and lower, then you know that they aren’t improving. This is where you should start considering a visit to the GP.

However, if after a few hours of laying in bed watching Peppa Pig has managed to improve their state, their colour has come back and they’re able to eat again, then the chances are that their condition is starting to improve.

Keep Checking Their Temperature

Your child’s temperature may be up and down throughout the day, so supply them with blankets and extra layers so that they are able to adjust themselves whenever they’re feeling a little chilly.

Try not to turn the heating on – if you find yourself a little cold, add a few more layers. There is nothing worse than having a fever while the heating is blasting on the maximum temperature.

Consider Taking Them to the Doctor

Don’t ever think that you’re wasting the doctor’s time. They are there to help and after all, they’re the experts. It is better to catch something early on than to wait a few days and for your child to end up in hospital.

Hopefully the doctor can tell exactly what the problem is, and if they don’t, then you could potentially have a medical negligence case on your hands, especially if the condition worsens – but that’s a whole other complicated matter.

Let Them Binge on TV and Watch Their Favourite Shows!

If your child has had to take time off school, then don’t make them catch up on education by supplying homework and lessons. Your child needs to relax and chill out, and the best way to do this is by lazing around in bed with their favourite Disney films on.

Encourage them to fall asleep whenever they like too – it is important that they catch up on their ‘Z’s, after all, the reason for their illness may just be due to them feeling run down and tired.

Food and Drink

Soup is one of the best foods that someone can have when ill. It is easy to swallow, it isn’t stodgy, and it is yummy!

There are also plenty of foods that have a lot of great vitamins, such as sweet potato, which reduces belly bloat and is rich in calcium and potassium, as well as bananas and eggs, both of which are easy to digest.

Also encourage your child to drink lots of water, so that they remain hydrated throughout the day. They may not be feeling up to eating or drinking, but not doing so may make them feel worse and less energised.


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