Why I chose engineered wood flooring for my home

wooden flooring

4 kids, a dog, and a husband who delivers oil for a living, means that we need some really hard wearing and easy clean flooring in our house. Over the years we have tried a few different options, such as carpet (disaster), laminate and vinyl, but have finally found something that works for us. 

Engineered wood flooring is the perfect choice for any busy family home. We loved the look of hardwood options, but the price tag was way out of reach for a student midwife with 4 small children! The engineered wood flooring looks just as beautiful, but is far more affordable. Highly versatile and practical, it is amazingly easy to clean, and has that gorgeous grain running through it. It’s never a problem when one of the kids spills their drink, or the dog runs through with muddy feet – a quick hoover and spray mop and it looks as good as new again. 

We chose cherry wood flooring in our living room, kitchen and hallway – it’s a lovely, warm colour and goes with everything, so we can redecorate whenever we like without needing to change the flooring. 

I’m currently considering grey maple for the master bedroom, which is our next project! I can just see it now – warm, grey wood flooring, soft sheepskin rugs and white cotton bedding. Like a luxury holiday retreat….

Are you currently updating your home for spring? I would love to hear what your home redecoration projects involve – new engineered wood flooring, new wall colour, new furniture? Or is any one being super brave and moving house, or building an extension?


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