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Eliza has been going to ballet classes for the last year now. She loves getting up on a Saturday morning, putting on her ballet dress and shoes and heading off with her friends. 

When we were offered the chance to check out the new Ballerina Dreamer Dancing Ballerina, I knew it would be right up Eliza’s street, and lovely for her to have something that relates to an activity she does.

Straight out of the box, this ballerina is gorgeous to look at, and resembles a lot of dolls which are available for children. She’s quite weighty, but not too heavy for little ones to carry and manoeuvre themselves. 

The Ballerina Dreamer comes dressed in a pretty ballet dress with tutu, which magically lights up when you press her tummy. Pressing her tummy also makes ballet music play, which Eliza loves dancing to.
The little ballet shoes are removable too, and she is quite posable, with arms and legs which move, so you can point her toes, lift her arms in the air etc. 

One of the loveliest bits about this ballerina is the fact you can really make her dance. When you press down on the tiara with both her feet on the floor, she will point her toes and pirouette round and round. If you press the tiara when holding her, her legs will kick backwards and forwards, and she can even do the splits!

The Ballerina Dreamer doll is priced at £39.99 and is available from Smyths Toys. I can see this being a real hit with little ones this Christmas, so grab one now while you can!


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