How to make the most of family time

Having a family is one of the best things there is. Having a group of people that love you at all times, who you can lock yourself away with during the evening away from the world. It’s a feeling like no other.

However, in today’s ever-busy society, family life is becoming much harder. From rising costs to the struggles with employment and balancing a family and a job, men and women are suffering throughout the country.

But, if you are struggling, there are things you can do to ensure that your family life doesn’t suffer, which are highlighted below.

Family night

One of the easiest things you can do, set aside a time of the week where the whole family sit and do something together. Movie night is a great one, try it on a Friday when the weekend is beginning and do alternate weeks where everyone picks a film. You could also do a family games night at the end of the week, where you can play a series of family-orientated board games. Having a dedicated night will ensure that you always have family time.

Time for each other

While spending time with the kids is important, it’s important that parents enjoy time together without them. Having one or two nights a month where you can get away or get out is always preferable. But, if you can’t always get a babysitter, opt for a Saturday night and grab a movie, nibbles such as crisps, gin chocolates and savoury snacks, alongside some wine, and re-connect with each other. It’ll help for the whole family.


Arts and crafts are a great way to have fun. From rainy evenings to long, lazy Sundays. Just grab a load of paper, pens, paints, pipe cleaners, tissue and anything else you can find and get making some weird and wonderful things together. It’ll be fun to see where your imaginations take you. You could even do this with cooking and baking. By making wonderful, delicious bites together in the kitchen on a weekend, you’ll be able to have fun and enjoy a tasty snack afterwards.


At the end of the day, sitting down at a dedicated time and eating a nicely cooked family meal is a great way to catch up. Turn off the TV, ban phones and tablets and talk about the days you’ve had. While this may not happen every night, with kids’ clubs and other activities taking priority, doing it as much as possible will help to bring the family closer together.

So, if you’ve been having trouble with family time recently, these cheap and easy options should provide some great starters for you and your family to make the most of your time together from now on.


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