3 easy ways to boost the appeal of your driveway

Kerb appeal. There’s a reason why the term is used so often – it can affect the marketability of a property hugely. After all, it essentially describes how attractive our home is from the outside. And obviously, it tends to be influenced by the driveway.

With this in mind, we offer three tips on how to improve this important outside area.

  1. Consider resurfacing

How’s the surface of your driveway looking? Could it do with replacing? If it’s been laid there for more than 15 years, the answer to the latter question may be yes. Why? It’s widely advised that this is the point where driveways typically start losing their structural value. So, if this applies to yours, you might want to consider resurfacing it. To avoid having to do so again within the next 15 years, choose your material wisely.

Granite, for example, is a highly durable option; as it’s impermeable, it also prevents flooding. Replace your driveway with granite setts, therefore, and you needn’t worry about water damage, either to the outside of your home or to your car.

  1. Look at layout

Before you get paving your driveway, why not assess its layout? Are you able to expand your parking area? If so, would it improve its appearance? Think about it! Not only would you have space to park, you’d have more room to add decorative features, like potted plants – and maybe even a bench. Let’s not forget that bigger driveways tend to look less cluttered and more attractive – and of course, they leave more room for guests to park. Increase the size of your driveway, and you’ll likely heighten how sellable your property is, too.

  1. Light it up

Outdoor lights can really enhance the appeal of a property – and that’s not just because they look nice. Actually, a number of experts argue that the sight of warm light appeals to our evolutionary need to find food, as warm shades are reminiscent of fire. When we see warm light, it speaks to this basic instinct, reassuring us that we are safe. There’s a reason why we feel cosy when we see fairy lights or wall mounts on the outside of a property; it signals hospitality. So, you could make your guests feel welcome when they pull up on your drive by adding some lights to it.

So long as you know how, it’s easy to boost the appeal of your driveway. Follow our top tips, and you’ll be able to do just that.


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