A guide to finding the perfect sofa

There are few purchases for the home that are as important as the sofa. This is where you will sit and spend many hours over the years relaxing, watching TV, reading and socialising. Every good home needs a great sofa, and this will be the centrepiece of the living room which means that it needs to be practical but also suit with your interior design style.

Sofas can come in all kinds of different styles, shapes and sizes which means that there is a type for everyone.

Small Living Spaces

If you do not have much space to work with then it is understandable that you may be worried about finding a sofa which will fit and not dominate the entire room. Two-seater sofas usually measure between 152cm and 174 co which should fit in most living rooms comfortably.

Large Living Rooms

If you have a large living room, then you have much greater flexibility. 4-seater sofas can provide you with large sofas perfect for stretching out but you may want to think about adding a few chairs and/or another sofa. It can feel strange to have everyone sitting on one sofa, particularly when socialising, so having a few different seats is a smart idea.


Families should look into a couple of medium-sized sofas so that you can all easily stretch out and relax when watching TV in the evening. You do not want to be crammed together on one small sofa so having enough space is key. Corner sofas work particularly well for families and can be an efficient use of space.


If you have pets, then you must take them into account when buying a new sofa. Keep in mind that it can be very hard to keep cats and dogs off of sofas, so you need to think about what material you have. Some materials can easily be damaged by claws, but you might also find that other fabrics can absorb dirt. Materials that are pet-friendly include protected, pigment leather and durable weave fabric – another good option is to have a throw/cover for the sofa that they can lay on.

Buying a new sofa is a huge decision and one which you carefully need to consider. It will need to suit your interior design style, but you must also think about the size of the room, your budget, how many people you typically have in the living room and if you have any pets. Take all this into consideration and it should help you to find the perfect sofa.


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  1. April 17, 2024 / 7:29 pm

    > Great points about choosing a sofa size! Families definitely need to consider functionality alongside style. For families with kids and pets, durable materials like leather or stain-resistant fabrics might be wise. Maybe you could expand on this in a future post – tips for choosing the perfect family sofa?

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