Review | Preventing cold sores with HERPOtherm

If you’ve ever experienced cold sores, you will know the warning signs well. Often appearing when you are run down, or are suffering from a cold or virus, it often starts with a tingling or itching feeling on the lip, which can quickly develop into a painful blister. 

Otherwise known as the Herpes Simplex virus type 1, 90% of the European population carry it, but only 30% of carriers present with blisters. The typical cold sore can hang around for approximately 10 days, and can cause pain, swelling and even issues with eating. They are also highly contagious, and can be very dangerous to young babies, especially those under 4 weeks of age.

Many of the current cold sore treatments available treat the blister once it has already developed. HERPOtherm is a new treatment, which uses a concentration of heat on the affected area, killing the virus beneath the skin before the blister appears. 

HERPOtherm uses local thermotherapy to reduce the inflammatory response and relieve symptoms such as itching, burning  and skin tightness. The HERPOtherm electronic cold sore pen is a medical device which is completely free of chemicals, making it suitable for use in pregnancy, as well as ideal for children over 12 years, and allergy sufferers who may not be able to take traditional medication. Studies have shown that HERPOtherm users report a significantly faster improvement in all symptoms after just 1 day of use than those using acyclovir, an ingredient typically found in cold sore creams. The burden and duration of the disease was also lower and shorter for those using HERPOtherm. 

It’s incredibly easy to use too. Whereas traditional cold sore creams can be messy and greasy, HERPOtherm works by simply placing the device onto the affected area and gently pressing onto the skin. Once you have pressed the button, the ceramic contact surface heats to approximately 51*C, and this temperature is maintained for three seconds, when the device will turn off automatically. The treatment can be repeated up to 5 times per hour, with an interval of at least 2 minutes between each application. 

Until 20th March, HERPOtherm has £5 off on Amazon, making it just £31 to buy. Although this is more expensive than over the counter creams, it is a much more practical option, offering good long term value for money. It has no use by date, and there is no need for the trial and error you sometimes have trying to find a cream that suits you. It is dermatologically tested, and very discreet – perfect for popping in your bag without worrying about leaks and spills!


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