Ways to quit smoking during the lockdown

If you are someone who smokes, now may be a good time to give up. You are likely to find that your heightened concern about staying healthy is an effective motivator. The coronavirus crisis has reminded us all of how fragile life can be. As well as, just how precious our loved ones are. A fact that has encouraged many of us to reassess the way we lead our lives and take care of ourselves and our families.

One thing that can make a huge difference is giving up smoking. Doing so has been shown to greatly improve many people’s health. There is also some evidence that, over time, it improves immune system functionality. Even in the current situation, it is possible to give up smoking.

Buy what you need online

You can buy tobacco e-liquid from 88vape or a similar retailer as well as several other kinds of nicotine replacement products. Plus, in most countries, pharmacists are still open. If you wanted to, you could get some advice from the chemist about giving up smoking.

Get help and support using government-sponsored schemes

Most governments run some sort of quit smoking scheme. They provide advice, support and ways to keep yourself on track. Increasingly, these are set up and run online. Usually, you just need to download an app to learn about each step and track your progress. If you start to struggle, the app is there to help with that too. You can get encouragement and practical tips from others who are a little further along with giving up smoking than you are. In some cases, medical professionals are also there to give further advice. You can take a look at one of those schemes on this page.

Use the money you will save to motivate yourself

If you can afford to do so, put the cash you are saving into a separate account or a shoebox. Or, simply keep a running total on your phone. Being able to see a physical benefit can help you to stick to it and quit for good.

How to cope with giving up smoking during a stressful time

Should you be worried about trying to give up smoking at such a potentially stressful time, the advice in this article will prove helpful. Once you have read it you will hopefully feel that it is possible to quit even when times are hard.

Don’t give up

If despite tapping into all of the above resources you fail to give up, try not to get disheartened. The vast majority of people don’t manage it the first time they try. If one thing does not work for you, try something else.

Friends and relatives who have successfully quit can help you to narrow down which approach is most likely to work best for you. They know you, so understand what motivates you and which situations are likely to trigger the urge for you to pick up a cigarette again.



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