Get your home ready for autumn with these easy tips

Are you enjoying the summer? You can enjoy cool drinks on the patio, sunbathing in the park and heading to the beach with your family for the day. There’s so much to take advantage of, however, we often forget how quickly those colder months sneak up on us!
There’s always lots to look forward to as Autumn approaches, the kids will (hopefully) be going back to school, we get to enjoy warm, hearty meals, windy Autumn strolls and we get to swap summer dresses and sandals for layered outfits, stylish scarves and light jackets.
Sadly, summer days don’t last forever and in anticipation of getting your home ready for Autumn, there are some simple tasks that you should complete as soon as possible. Read on to find out what they are.

Check your oil supplier

Is your home heated by oil? If so, you could be paying over the odds for your supply. As autumn approaches, it’s important to make sure that the prices you’re paying for your oil are competitive and not leaving you in a tricky financial situation. Consider comparing prices and switching to SuperSaverOil to see how much you could be saving on heating your home this Autumn/Winter.

Clean your oven and kitchen appliances

Deep cleaning your oven and your kitchen appliances aren’t exactly fun, but it’s a good idea. The upcoming months will see you and your family spending more time at home, and inevitably cooking those rich, hearty meals we all know and love. The better prepared your kitchen is, the more you won’t mind slaving over a hot stove.

Clean the rest of the house

We’re all familiar with a ‘Spring clean’. However, it makes perfect sense to give your home another deep clean before Autumn arrives. While the weather is warm and pleasant, you can throw open your windows and give them a good wash, air out your property, wash your floors and get rid of all that forgotten dust and grime that’s build up over the warmer months. Your home will certainly seem much cosier when the temperature starts to drop.


Declutter is good for your home, your body and your soul. Clutter can make a room look untidy and unloved – not the cosy, autumnal feel you’re going for. Clear out all your wardrobes, if those clothes don’t make you feel good, donate or sell them. Empty your kitchen cupboards and donate any in- date items you don’t think you’ll use, and sell any old appliances you get no use from (we’re looking at you, electric cheese grater).

Draught-proof your home

Draughts in the home are annoying and costly! So, take some time before the cooler weather arrives and draught-proof your home. The most common offenders are the gap underneath doors, the space around window frames, your open chimney and gaps in your flooring. There are plenty of insulating and draught-proofing tips online, make sure you tackle this now – before it’s too late!

Are you looking forward to Autumn? How do you plan on welcoming the new season?


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