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It’s no secret that my youngest children love to play with water. You only have to take a look at my social media channels to see how often they are in the paddling pool, the sea or the river.

When we were offered the chance to take a look at the new Aquaplay Lockbox, I didn’t have to think twice – I just knew it would be an absolute hit with them.

This cleverly designed toy comes in a portable lockbox, which opens out to create a water canal system. It features gates, a crane, bridges and a slipway, as well as working locks which allow children to pump to move and life the water to allow the boat and amphibious vehicle to travel. 

The crane can be used to lift cargo onto the vehicles, and the paddle wheel can be turned to make the water flow through the water system. Not only is this heaps of fun, it subtly teaches children how water moves, and how it can be used to transport things around.

Super easy to set up, you simply unclip the outer clips, and unfold to create the play area. It doesn’t take much water to fill it up, and because the water is moved around the system, very little is wasted or splashed out of the trays. 

Perfect for playing at home, this is also the ideal toy for taking to friends and relatives houses, or even for taking away on holiday. It’s so easy to empty out the water (we use it for watering the plants, so nothing is wasted), and fold and clip the case back together for transportation. We recently took the Aquaplay Lockbox to a relatives house for a BBQ, and Max and Eliza sat on the grass for several hours playing with it. It’s so easy to dip in and out of throughout the day, and is a great toy to share with friends and siblings. The play surface is plenty big enough for 2-4 children, and there are so many elements to explore that no-one ever gets bored!

Currently available on Amazon priced from £44.88, this is such great value for money – offering endless hours of play for the long summer days at home. 


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  1. September 2, 2020 / 7:59 pm

    This looks amazing, I think both my 6 year old and my 1 year od would love it!

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