Bathroom trends you should try

Your bathroom is such a unique room in that it needs to be relatively water-resistant and functional in several ways, but it is also visited by guests regularly, so it needs to look good too. Therefore, we have gathered some on-trend bathroom styles below that we think you should try…

Statement bathing

Long gone are the days of simple white suites. There are so many more options available now, from clawfoot tubs to sunken jacuzzis and walk in showers for wetrooms, that it can be hard to know what to choose. Your bath or shower can become the room’s focus and as stylish as it is practical. Choose a fun vinyl for a quirky statement (everything from leopard print to a matte coloured finish), or play around with different coloured fixtures and fittings for something more subtle.

Marble wallpaper

You don’t have to keep things plain on the walls of your bathroom. Jazz things up with some patterned paper (although stick to just one wall if you’re worried it might be a little overpowering in a small space) – marble is currently very much on-trend, as are geometric prints. Be sure to check that your wallpaper is bathroom-approved, as this will ensure that it lasts in the damp environment.

Matte black finishings

Nothing could be further from the shiny silver chrome we are used to than a sleek, matte black tap. This is a sure-fire way to modernise your bathroom and really create a statement, and it is bang on-trend right now. Upgrade your tapware to create a whole new look without shelling out for a whole new suite, and replace your radiator or towel holder with a matte black option for a futuristic vibe.

Floating bathroom vanities

A floating vanity station gives you plenty of storage but helps the room feel much more spacious. By opening up the floor space below your sink, you don’t feel crowded in, and at the same time, you have a little more space to play with – for example, you may want to put your bathroom scales under here, or tuck under a little stool to use.

Classic Blue

Officially the Pantone colour of 2020, it is easy to add some Classic Blue to your bathroom for a super stylish look. If you have a very timeless bathroom suite, you can add some accessories in the tone, including a bathmat, shower curtain, and ornaments. Upgrading your towels can also give your bathroom a new lease of life, and Classic Blue is a fantastic option. If you want to go one step further, you could paint one wall the shade, or even spring for whole new units in the hue.

It’s hard to keep up with trends – not to mention expensive, but if something really appeals to you, go for it! You may like one of these trends so much that you keep it for a few years, or if you’re a little more fickle with design, you might want to just make some small changes that can be adapted and swapped out as times change.



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