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Eliza and Max absolutely love small world play. They will spend hours creating their own little worlds and adventures, and so I knew the new Vet Squad toys would be a hit in our house. 

The Vet Squad range has several options to build your collection. The Vet Squad Figure sets include a figure and an animal, while the Rescue sets also include a rescue vehicle. 

The Forest rescue set was a real hit with Max, and he loved driving the 4 x 4 around, picking up the baby elephant in the truck and transporting her to the ‘rescue centre’ he had made from some blocks to make her better. 

The figures are super easy to handle, and can be taken in and out of the vehicles with ease. There is a great attention to detail, which really enhances the play. Each animal and figure set comes with relevant accessories, such as water bottles, backpacks and vet accessories specific to the animal they are paired with.

The Reef rescue and Air Adventure sets mean that you can rescue animals from all areas of the globe. The helicopter comes with a winch and sling which you can loop round the horse to airlift him to safety. The Reef Rescue boat has a crate for keeping turtles safe while you transport them back to dry land. 

One of the features the children absolutely loved was the magic healing. Each creature comes with a bucket and a magic sponge. Using the sponge with some warm water, you can clean off the injured area to ‘heal’ each animal, and then you can pop on the specially designed, well fitting bandages to keep them clean and dry. It’s a great little feature which really helps to extend the play options.

The Vet Squad toys are a fantastic option for children into small world and imaginative play, with heaps of options for play extension. It’s easy to steadily build up a collection by purchasing vehicles and figures a little at a time. Great for those of you planning birthdays, or, dare I say it……Christmas?

Most of the figures and play sets do have some small parts, so please bear that in mind when purchasing.


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