4 cat care tips for new owners

If you have recently adopted your first feline friend, you probably have a few questions about caring for cats or kittens. As someone who is actively seeking advice on how you can pamper and protect your pet, they are certainly lucky to have you as an owner. You also benefit, as paying attention to your cat’s health spares you the trouble of dealing with confusing problems and costly vet bills. So, what is there to know?

The good news is that cats are quite easy pets to care for. After covering the basics of their diet, grooming and general health, you can focus on loving and enjoying your purring pal. With this in mind, here are four cat care tips for new owners.

Feed the Right Food

Of course, you want to ensure that your cat is getting adequate nutrition. If possible, find out what they ate before, so that you can provide small amounts of it and steadily make a transition to your choice of food. This can help prevent an upset stomach. As for what you should feed, the general consensus is that wet food is best.

Most cats prefer it, largely due to the higher moisture content that resembles what cats have always eaten in the wild. You can learn more about why it’s better on the Reveal Pet Food website, where you’ll find many informative articles and guides on cat care. They also sell a range of natural, sustainably-sourced wet cat foods around the country.

Listed below are some bonus tips regarding diet:

  • Avoid dry foods with artificial flavours and fillers
  • Always read labels and ensure that meats (not grains) are the first listed ingredient
  • Use ceramic or stainless-steel dishes and water bowls to reduce odours

Handle the Litter Box

There are a few things to keep in mind about litter boxes. It’s good to have at least one for each cat. A covered box can trap smells and make your furry friend feel confined, so opt for a standard open style box if possible. In any case, make sure that it’s large enough. When choosing litter, look for ‘dust-free’ varieties and remember to get a suitable scoop.

Brush Regularly

Not only is brushing easy and pleasant for your cat; it’s also important. A weekly or bi-weekly brush will remove dirt and dead hair from their skin, keeping it clean and healthy. It also prevents mats. For most cats, the standard bristle brush will suffice. If your pet sheds a lot, you might want to get one with metal bristles from the pet store.

Bathe Your Cat

This is something you’ll only need to do once or twice per year, as cats tend to be good at keeping themselves clean. When you do bathe your cat, make sure to use a gentle shampoo and be extra careful not to touch their eyes and ears.

There’s plenty more to know about cat care and health. For now, though, just make sure that you’ve covered the basics and are giving your new companion plenty of love and attention.


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