6 reasons baseball can be a great sport for your child

Who doesn’t love baseball? It is the national sport of America after all, and most people have spent many happy or nervous hours watching the sport with friends and family hoping that their team will win. There are many reasons it is great to watch but there are also a lot of reasons why it is fantastic to play. Here are six reasons why baseball can be a great sport for your child.


Baseball is a great way to exercise and these days there are fewer opportunities for kids to get enough physical activity. Many of them are driven to school and spend a lot of time playing computer games at home. If they get into baseball, they can enjoy physical activity as well as learning to love the great outdoors and they can set up healthy habits for life.


Baseball must be played as part of a team, and everyone has to work together. Whether they win or lose it brings a team together and this is an important life skill both on and off the pitch. A child who works well as part of a team will grow up to be an adult who gets on well at work and could someday make a great manager or leader.

New Friends

Learning to play baseball can be a great way for your child to make new friends. They may be shy, but the game will give them something to talk about as well as having something in common with their teammates. This may help them to overcome their shyness and stand up for themselves. They may find themselves mixing with new people who do not go to their school while playing baseball and this will give them a broader social circle.


Many kids lack confidence, so it is important to help them find something they enjoy and are good at doing. This will help to instill confidence in them and although this may start with baseball, they will go on to become more confident away from the sport too. This will help them to take on new challenges, tackle work that they find difficult, and may improve their grades in subjects that they had previously lacked confidence in.


To play baseball, you must have a lot of patience. For example, you spend time waiting for the perfect pitch, you spend time waiting for your turn to bat and, when you are playing in the outfield, you have to wait for a ball to come your way. Patience is an important life skill, but it isn’t learned in every sport as many games have participants running around all the time. Baseball is different which is why it is such a good game if you want to teach your kids patience.

Family Time

Baseball is a great sport that families can play together. All of these bats are amazing for kids but there are some fantastic bats for adults too. Grab your bats and ball, and head off to the local park for an enjoyable day of playing baseball as a family. Don’t worry if you are a few players short; you can always improve or ask other families to join you. Why not take a picnic and make a whole day of it?

These are just some of the reasons why baseball can be a great sport for your child. Why not take them to a park or let them try out for the local baseball team and see how much fun they can have while being active?


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