Top tips for creating a luxurious dining nook

Many of us eat to live, not dine to enjoy! However, this means we miss out on genuinely appreciating what we eat, and where we eat. A luxurious dining nook can enhance the appearance of your home and lift your own mood! After all, what’s better than unwinding in a luxurious dining nook with your favourite meal at the end of a long day?

The question is: what makes a luxurious dining nook? How do you create one? Check out our top tips and change the way you dine for the better. 

Statement Lighting

Luxury is ultimately about making a statement, and quality lighting is the best way to do this! Statement lighting doesn’t have to be as grandiose a gesture as a chandelier, but it should be a lighting fixture that is attractive or unique. Consider quality pendant lights or lamps, made of luxury material such as crystal, glass or chrome. Material determines the look of your lighting, and the ultimate appeal of your dining nook. 

Invest in Fine China

We have all been acquainted with fine china one way or another. Perhaps your grandparents collected this tableware as a family heirloom, or maybe an artisan piece has caught your eye in an antique store. Dining accessories such as fine china often go overlooked, unfortunately so. For a luxurious dining nook, we recommend special fine china sets – of course, residing pride of place on your dining table! If you’re not sure how to lay out your table with fine china in the formal way, here’s a handy guide

Choose the right table

Well, if you’re going to set the table in the formal way, make sure your table is as beautiful as your tableware! A place where meals, socialising and family interactions take place, the table is the centrepiece of any dining nook.

We have always associated solid, wooden tables with the height of luxury. They boast craftsmanship, expense and care. So, we’d advise you to invest in an oak table top – one with traditional beauty that never falls out of style. Rich, quality oak has everything you want for your dining nook. 

What about a rug?

We believe a dining nook should be as cosy as it is luxurious. Rugs are soft underfoot and are the glue that can tie a dining nook together! With soft furnishings beneath, match your rug to the print and colour of your space. Not only is this cosy and comfortable, but it can even elevate the cohesive appearance of your dining nook – a hallmark of luxury. 

Look for beautiful florals

When you enter a luxurious restaurant, you notice floral arrangements everywhere! On every table, and around every corner. Bring this sense of luxury into your home dining nook, even with just a small, token rose. A flower and vase immediately enhances the look, as well as the scent of your space. 

If you’re not in the habit of gardening, a fake floral arrangement can last a lifetime without replacement – an affordable, endurable and cost-effective approach.


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