Revealed | The most privileged people in the world

What are your thoughts about the word privileged? We can say a person is fortunate if that person gets the right thing at the right time and the right place. Or people may have privilege if they are born at the right time, on suitable land, and surrounded by the right people. In fact you might be among the most privileged people in the world.

To get a fair result and rankings, a study conducted by ABCD Agency, evaluated more than 19 influencing factors with the help of some top international organisations. They included the United Nations International Labour Organization, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the World Economic Forum, The Human Rights Protection Score of the University of Michigan, Bank Credit Suisse, and the World Health Organisation.

Here in the research, all 37 member states of the OECD, as well as Argentina, Bulgaria, Brazil, India, Russia, Singapore and South Africa are included.

Below are the main criteria which were considered in the research to find the most privileged countries globally-

  1. Career Opportunities
  2. Liberty and Life Satisfaction
  3. Safety and Health
  4. Finance

Top Countries with the Most Privileged People-


Switzerland grabbed the first position in the most privileged nations globally because it has the highest financial stability score of 100 out of 100. It also has a good health and safety index score. Furthermore, despite having a large section of uninhabited land, Switzerland has utilised its infrastructure and financial stability to create a balance. Along with all these facilities, citizens here have easy access to immense career and educational opportunities.


Iceland is well equipped in terms of the medical field and healthcare factors. It has a score of 91.33 in safety and health and the overall score is 91.49 points out of 100.  With the great scores in all major aspects, Iceland stands among the most privileged countries in the world. Also, people of Iceland are very much satisfied with their life. It scored 94.17 points in the liberty and life satisfaction field.


It is a small nation with prosperous land that is both beautiful and business-friendly. This country provides better career opportunities to the people residing here, its total score is an unbelievable 100 out of 100.  And it has the same score in liberty and life satisfaction. Norway gets overall 89.39 points. That is why the people of this country hold the 3rd position in the list of the most privileged people in the world.


Luxembourg is famous for producing award winning wines and won 22 gold medals in the Crémant awards in 2015. Of Luxembourg’s entire population of 613,894 inhabitants, more than 43 percent consist of foreign residents. According to the research, this country holds 89.31 points to stand at the 4th position in the list. This country gets its highest score in liberty and life satisfaction of 98.18 and its lowest points in finance with 68.13 out of 100.

Above are the top 4 countries on the list with the most privileged people in the world. You can check out the research for the complete list with detailed ranking of all of the other countries.


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