How to establish healthy habits as a busy parent

Getting fit and healthy is never easy, but it’s even harder for busy parents. When you’re constantly looking after your kids and completing a plethora of household chores, it seems like there’s no time left to spend on yourself.

However, establishing healthy habits is definitely worthwhile, despite how hard it may be. Becoming healthier will improve your energy levels, increase your confidence and set a good example for your children. Here’s how you can do this as a busy parent. 

Create an exercise routine

As a parent, you may feel guilty about setting aside time for yourself, but this is essential for your physical and mental well-being. To start exercising regularly and getting fitter, you need to set a consistent exercise schedule that you’re committed to following. You may find it easier to stick to this routine if you go to fitness classes, or you can hire a personal trainer if you need extra help and motivation. With Ultimate Performance, you can find world-class personal trainers in London who will help you create a schedule and meet all your fitness goals.

Start batch cooking

If you’re running low on time, it can be very tempting to just order a takeaway or buy frozen pizzas rather than cook a healthy meal. However, with batch cooking, you can save time while preparing nutritious food for your family. When you have some time at the weekend, you can cook many portions of one meal and then freeze the extra ones. This means you’ll always have some healthy meals in the freezer if you don’t have time to cook during the week.

Go for walks

Going for a walk every day will be so beneficial for your mental and physical health. Getting some fresh air can calm you down during a particularly stressful day, and you’ll also be burning extra calories as you fit more movement into your routine. Walking at lunch or in the evening is very popular, but if you really don’t have any extra time during the day, then try waking up 30 minutes earlier than usual to go for a walk before you wake your kids up for school. 

Play outside with your kids

You can also exercise and create healthy habits while you’re looking after your kids. Instead of watching them play in the garden or at the park, you could join in and play a game of tag or hide and seek. Running around with your kids will help you burn extra calories and keep them entertained at the same time!

Buy healthy snacks

It’s harder to avoid poor dietary choices if you fill your kitchen with unhealthy snacks. The temptation will be too great to resist! Instead, you need to walk past the unhealthy treats in the supermarket and buy healthy options like fruit and nuts. This will keep you satisfied between meals without adding loads of extra calories.

Becoming fit and healthy as a busy parent can be a difficult journey, so to make things easier for yourself, try out the ideas listed above and see how much they can help you!



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