Guide for first time mums | must-have products for your newborn baby

Pregnancy is an exhilarating, life-changing experience. But it can also make you feel anxious, as there are many things to consider before bringing your newborn baby home. Figuring out what items you need for parenthood can be a daunting task. 

It’s common knowledge that being a mum is by no means an easy job – from nursing to feeding,  you have many responsibilities. Thus, it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed by all those things – after all, you want everything to work out well! But don’t panic – with patience and good planning, you can make the most of the time spent with your baby. 

 Drawing a line between what items are indispensable and what would be ‘nice-to-have’ can be challenging – especially when there are so many products. 

We created a guide on what baby essentials are imperative for your newborn to make things easier. So, without further ado, here’s your checklist:


You probably already knew about this one. Diapers are indispensable for your baby. Although they might be trivial, picking the right diaper can be quite tricky. Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose between cloth or disposable diapers. The former is an excellent option if you want to save money. However, they require additional laundering and cleaning – so if you’re not willing to make an extra effort, it might not be worth the money you save. Or perhaps you prefer hybrid diapers, as they are reusable and compostable. 

Whatever option you choose, one thing is clear – you need to buy plenty of them. A newborn might need between 8 to 10 diapers a day (around 70 per week), so make sure you have the right amount. 


When it comes to must-have products for your baby, cribs are undoubtedly one of them. Newborns sleep a lot in their first weeks – at least 16 hours a day. Thus, ensuring they have a safe and comfortable place to snooze is crucial. Cribs are perfect because they meet these two criteria. Their design provides safety, so you don’t need to worry about your baby falling out. While it’s true that cribs are costly, they’re a significant investment. Plus, you can also pick a crib that can be turned into a toddler bed. This is an excellent option as you can use it over an extended period. 

The NHS recommends that babies sleep in the same room as you in the first six months. This allows you to take proper care of them during the night time and can also lower the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Bedside cribs are mainly designed to keep your baby at your arm’s length, so you might consider this option. 

Car seat

Providing a car seat for your newborn is vital – when you’re giving them a ride with the vehicle, they should always go in their seat. From the moment you bring them home from the hospital to your family vacations, there will be many times you have to get your baby in the car. 

And because you cannot carry them in your arms – that is both dangerous and illegal – buying a baby car seat is the perfect solution. And if you want to make the ride even more comfortable, make sure to have a fleece blanket and a good toy handy. 


 Make sure to add a pushchair to your must-haves list. Whether you’re walking in the park or taking your baby on a family trip, you must ensure they have a safe ride. Pushchairs are designed to fit everyone’s lifestyle, so you don’t have to worry about finding the best one for you. There is a wide range of models, shapes and colours you can choose from. 

Money is also a factor, but you can find a practical pushchair without breaking the bank. Start by considering your needs. Ask yourself what specific features you want for the pushchair. Are you planning to give birth to a second baby? How much storage do you need? All these questions can help you decide what kind of pushchair would be the most suitable. 

Baby clothes

This one can be tricky – with so many cute clothes, how can you even stick to a few options? Although you might be tempted to buy many clothes, it’s best to consider whether you actually need a particular item. Keep in mind that babies grow quickly; thus, your newborn will fit into the clothes only for a brief time. Before you even realise it, you have to buy bigger sizes! 

Bodysuits and sleepsuits are essential clothing items for your baby, so make sure to put them on the checklist. A stock of ten items for each should be enough when it comes to the amount. 

Here are other clothing essentials you should buy:

  • Cardigans – you need them to keep your baby cosy when it gets cold;
  • One pair of mittens – this isn’t really about keeping the baby’s hands warm; mittens are a practical way to stop your newborn from scratching their face; 
  • One little hat – your baby’s little head should be warm at lower temperatures;
  • Socks – make sure to buy plenty of them – your baby might lose them in narrow spaces, so it’s better to provide a larger quantity. 

You might also consider having some clothes in the next size – second-hand items can be an effective option. Generally, you should look for clothes that provide comfort and ease – soft, large items are ideal. Also, make sure they are durable; you need something that holds up through regular washings. 

Nursing bras

Every mom needs nursing bras. They are specifically designed for breastfeeding to ensure a comfortable experience for both you and your newborn. They are made of handy clips that allow you to feed the baby without taking off your bra. 

While milk leaks are common, you can use breast pads to deal with the discomfort. A breast pump is another practical tool for mummies, and they are particularly helpful if your baby was born prematurely and breastfeeding is not an option for them. What’s more, it allows you to store the milk in the freezer for emergencies. 


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