Declutter your home: storage solutions for autumn

I blinked, and Christmas seems to have sneaked up on me. It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes ago that we were celebrating Max’s first Christmas, and now that time of year is almost here again. I can’t wait – it’s such a happy, family time. 

The one downside of Christmas can be the sheer amount of presents my children will receive. There are always a lot of toys, and finding homes for them all can be an issue! So autumn is always the time when I start to declutter, throw away a lot of things we don’t need, and get on top of our storage. 

There are lots of ways to do this. For the playroom, we like to use the big wooden units with space for boxes. They are fairly cheap to buy from places like Ikea, Argos or Homebase, and it makes it easy to tidy up all the toys at the end of the day. We have little photos on the front, showing what lives in each box – Lego, cars, dolls etc, so it’s easy for the kids to help pack away.

Toy storage

For other household items, I am a big fan of underbed drawers and those big sacks that you can fill with bedding, towels etc and then vacuum the air out of? They are so clever and free up a lot of space – perfect for the items you don’t need on a daily basis – we use them for packing the summer duvets away during the colder months, or for storing the sleeping bags when camping season is over.

When it comes to the big Christmas day, there can sometimes be an issue. Our house isn’t small, but it’s also not a palace – so if the whole family are coming for lunch we do sometimes need a bit of space. Temporarily storing the items you don’t need in the short term can be a great idea for creating a more open plan, party space, and that’s where warehouse storage solutions and services can be handy – you can save money and space with proper warehouse management facilities, and it eases a little bit of the stress at this time of year!

How do you manage family storage? Does everything have a set place, or do you just pop things wherever you can? Do you have any great tips for decluttering?

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