Milestone moments – what makes you stop and think?

I remember the days that my husband and I bought our first house, even many years down the line. I don’t think you ever forget do you? I can clearly remember picking up the keys from the estate agent, the ceremonial unlocking of the door, and that first step into a new life, a new life as home owners – everything suddenly felt a bit more serious.

Aviva life insurance

Before we owned our first home, life seemed a lot more carefree. We went to work, we spent our wages on nights out, takeaways and clothes without a second thought really – it was money that we had earned, and so we spent it on whatever we wanted. Once we became home owners, all of a sudden we had to budget for the mortgage, the bills, and putting food on the table. We sat down and had a discussion, drawing up a rough chart of incomings and outgoings, so we both knew where we stood.

One of the strange things that pops into your mind when you buy a home is life insurance. It never really seemed that important before – we didn’t really have any assets to protect. Once we became home owners, we suddenly saw the light. What would happen if one of us was suddenly left alone to deal with the mortgage and bills on their own, as well as the small matter of a child to look after and provide for? It all suddenly seemed a bit more real once we owned bricks and mortar, with a hefty mortgage to match.

Aviva have recently launched a new initiative which aims to enlighten people about life insurance at crucial moments in their life. As I have mentioned, for us it was the purchase of our very first home that kicked us into shape, but it could be anything that triggers the awareness in you – having a baby, getting married or moving to a new area or job. These are your Milestone Moments. Aviva want to hear from you, and find out what your #milestonemoments are in their new Facebook competition. Running from 5th – 9th November, if you join in you could win £250 of high street vouchers – and with Christmas just around the corner that could come in very handy indeed! So why not watch this video, visit the Aviva Facebook Page, and enter their competition here – what have you got to lose?


Have you thought about life insurance yourself? Is it something you already have, or are thinking about at the moment?

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