How to post a pushchair

My name’s Kate and I am a pram-a-holic….

It’s been 9 years since I had my first child, and we just picked up a second hand pram that was advertised in the paper. It was fine – it did the job, it got her from A to B – but I didn’t love it. And that’s where my pushchair addiction started. I researched for hours to find what I was looking for. It had to face both ways, it had to have big chunky wheels and a large basket, it had to have an adjustable handlebar and a good recline. I finally found the perfect set of wheels in the iCandy Peach All Terrain, but it took a LOT of pram testing to get to that point. It’s hard to put a number on it, but it’s well into double figures. So it stands to reason that I have had to sell ands post a pram or 2 in my time – but just how do you package and post such a large and bulky item?

  • This may sound like common sense, but fold it down first and wrap in bubble wrap to add a layer of protection – at least a minimum of 5cm of padding.
  • Once bubble wrapped, you should send pram in a box, the box that it came with will make an ideal box, however the chances are you may not still have the original box, so it’s worth asking local shops and supermarkets if they have any empty boxes you can use. If you can get these before they’ve been flattened, that’s even better. (With most courier services you won’t be offered compensation cover unless the item is boxed). Also try local bike shops, as they often have large boxes available.
  • Once boxed up, in order to get a parcel delivery quote, you’ll need to know the parcel dimensions and weight. It’s best to be exact if you can, but if you have no choice but to estimate, see if you can find the weight and folded up dimensions on the manufacturer’s website to get an indication of the sizes. Then don’t forget to include the additional weight and size for the box and wrapping. If in doubt, it’s better to estimate a larger size, because if your parcel is bigger or heavier than the service you’ve booked, you could face extra charges.
  • Make sure you include everything in the box – as well as the pushchair itself, make sure you pop in the rain cover, instructions, footmuff and any other bits and pieces that come with it.
  • Seal the box well with heavy duty brown parcel tape, and make sure it is labelled clearly with the name and address of the recipient. Also include your own return address somewhere on the parcel in case there are delivery problems.
  • Insure your parcel. When sending a valuable item such as a pushchair, it is well worth paying a little bit extra to make sure you are covered.

These great tips come from myself and My Parcel Delivery, who allow you to get delivery quotes from some of the world’s most connected couriers, such as Hermes, Parcelforce, DPD and UPS, for both UK and international delivery. The rates negotiated with these couriers can be up to 75% cheaper than going to the Post Office and queuing up to send your parcels off. There’s also the added convenience of services where the courier can collect the parcel from you, or if you prefer, you can drop it off at one of the local drop-off points in your area.

My Parcel Delivery Photo Credit: limohire_sydney1 via Compfight cc. This is a collaborative post.




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