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Many people will follow trends in fashion or beauty, while others take a particular interest in interior design. Just like the catwalk trends change each season, so do the hottest ideas for your home décor. While we update our wardrobes for summer and winter, many homes will undergo a transformation as the seasons change. We all have our own personal taste and preferences, but sometimes popular trends come round that we just can’t help but adopt in our own homes. Every season can encourage us to implement a new change within our home, whether that’s a change of color or a piece of new furniture. Whatever the season, you can create a neon look sign to help light up and bring life to just about any room within your house. These signs can help make your home feel new and fresh again, giving the walls a new glow that can be just that little bit of extra decor that they needed.

If you’ve been looking for the latest inspiration for your home this year, or you simply just want to update the look of your home’s interior, you probably have a keen interest in the latest decorative ornaments or interesting textures to incorporate across various rooms of your house. So, to get the most out of your home and even try your hand at DIY, Guardian Conservatory Roofs offer just a few ideas to get you started.

Changing the colour scheme

To create a wintry but cosy feel in your home this winter, you should turn to a warm colour palette. Incorporate strong yellow, deep red or fiery orange to make a room look naturally more inviting. Whether you choose to repaint the walls or opt for decorative accents around the room is up to you; it all depends on your personal style. Choosing something like a feature wall can be a good medium if you aren’t sure how much of the room you want to renovate.

A popular trick in changing your colour scheme is to balance the warm tones with cooler hues, adding a bit of character and personality to your home! Combining different colour ideas can make the overall look timeless and not restricted to just a wintry feel.

Add a cozy touch to your home this winter with the warm glow of yellow and red neon signs. These vibrant and inviting colours can instantly make your space feel warmer and more welcoming. Hang a yellow neon sign with a cheerful message in your living room or add a red neon sign to your bedroom for a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

Adding votives

Subtle decorations have been popular for years, with many people adorning their surfaces with quaint candle holders, photographs and vases. This can work particularly well in winter if you are looking to create a relaxing environment for you and your family to enjoy.

Candles with decorative holders can cast a pretty pattern against the walls, while having fresh flowers placed in various rooms can brighten up the dull mornings! Add as many votives around the house, or as little, as you fancy to create something a little different.

Trying different textures

In the winter, we want to be as snug as we can while we look out on to the winter frost. Creating a comfortable and relaxing room is easier than you think, simply by choosing a few different textures to decorate the room with. While leather isn’t always welcomed in the cold weather, you might benefit from combining leather with faux fur or a similar material to create a luxury feel to your home.

This could be particularly beneficial if you’re looking to update your conservatory, as they are known for being notoriously cold in the winter! Having textures such as faux fur or shearling can create a cosy atmosphere.

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  1. December 13, 2016 / 11:24 am

    some fab ideas, I must do some subtle window dressing for the spring.

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