My new year ‘get healthy’ plan


Yes, I know – it’s March. But one of my resolutions this year was to get fit. 

I do some light exercise – if you can count running up and down the stairs three hundred times a day as exercise. I do the school runs too, and walk the dog, but I don’t really put enough effort in. With my new career looming, I know I will need an escape – something for me after a long, hard day. My friends has offered to run with me – she is already a very fit, athletic runner, but has promised to start me off slowly!

I also want to think more carefully about my diet. Now, it’s not the worst – we do eat good, healthy family meals with plenty of veg, but I am terrible at eating fruit, and I am a bit too partial to a Creme Egg. My friend has lent me some Slimming World books, and although I don’t intend to follow them to the letter, there are some amazing recipes in there that would work for the whole family, and would get all the right nutrients into us. If I happen to lose some weight too, well that’s just an added bonus isn’t it?!

The final part of my resolution ties in loosely with the first. I want to exercise more, and I know I will end up feeling stiff and sore to start with. I am hoping I can benefit from some massage at somewhere like ML Chiropractic. They offer specialist massage therapy, which as well as helping my aches and pains, will give me some much needed ‘me time’ – space to think, unwind and repair. With all the demands that my new job and uni work will bring, I know there are going to be days where I desperately need time to reflect and prepare myself to do it all over again the next day!

What is your favourite form of exercise? Do you feel it has been of benefit to you?


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