Student Midwife Life | Week 9


Oh it has been a funny week. 

On Monday we had the mock OSCE. The stations were set up as they would be on the day, and we were given 10 minutes to complete the assessment. I turned over the clipboard to read a neonatal resuscitation scenario, and breathed a little sigh of relief. Not because this is a ‘nice’ scenario, but because it was one I had practiced a lot, especially at the revision day last week. I felt fairly confident, although my hands were still shaking, and I managed to get 24/25 marks – well above the pass rate. 

Tuesday was a normal lecture day covering the nervous system and the endocrine system. DIFFICULT!!

On Wednesday and Thursday we had private study days, in preparation for the OSCE. 

And Friday rolled around. OSCE day. The real thing. We started with a passive paper, and while I don’t think I got 100%, I am confident I did enough to pass. There was then a short break before the active OSCE, so I sat in the cafe drinking coffee and panicking haha! Then it was back into the same room we did our mock in, with a different scenario to tackle. Luckily, it was one I had revised well, and I felt relatively OK about it. In all honestly, I am just glad it’s done, and as long as I have done enough to pass that’s all that matters. After the OSCE a few of us headed to the pub for a cooked breakfast, the perfect way to end exam morning!

The end of our clinical skills module can only mean one thing. 

I am now about to go out into placement. 4 weeks in the birthing centre. I swing between being super excited and incredibly nervous. My uniform is ready, I’ve got my parking permit sorted and I have a couple of days off now before I start, so I am planning to get my essay finished and submitted before then, so I don’t have to stress about it anymore. 

Fingers crossed my first week in the hospital as a student midwife will be something I will never forget!


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