How to nail the school run in the morning

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For many parents out there, the school run means one thing; stress! There’s so much to do and get ready, and when the kids are being as difficult as they’ll ever be (trying to skip school, take as long as possible getting ready), tempers can reach peak levels.

Still, you can save your shouting voice for another day now. Here’s a few tips and tricks to help you and your kids with your school run each morning

Good Night’s Sleep

Nothing slows down the school run like grogginess and tiredness. Thoughts of wanting to stay in bed are by no means uncommon when it comes to the school run, but the sooner it’s overcome, the better. Therefore, you should never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep, and how it can fuel the subsequent days to come!

While bedtimes are seen to be childish by many, they’re extremely useful. After all, a lack of sleep can seriously affect the brain, so it’s important that you rest well. If you and your kids get a good night’s sleep, things will improve. You’ll be energised, wide awake and healthy, and that groggy ‘I don’t want to do anything but sleep’ attitude will be removed. You’ll get to work faster even if you’re walking, whether your kids have quality heelys to use or a quicker stride! 

No Devices

No matter how much people deny it, devices are often a common cause of sleep deprivation worldwide. If your family is up all night scrolling through Twitter or browsing videos on YouTube, then obviously, sleep is not being had. Of course, it’s not only during night time that devices and social media can be an issue.

Delays in the morning occur if your family is online instead of showering, dressing or eating breakfast. It lags the time enormously and greatly impacts productivity, so make sure all gadgets are safely out of reach. Perhaps hand them to your kids as they walk out the door after locking them away overnight. After all, they might need to call you when they’re out in case of emergencies.

Ready Everything

Things will go a lot smoother if everyone is ready in the morning. Make sure that all bags are ready, that all homework is completed on time, and that lunch money is in wallets or bag pouches the night before. This will prevent any frantic, last minute rushing around, and keep the ball rolling smoothly each morning.

In the winter months, it’s also a good idea to ready your car as early as you can too. If you need to deice and scrape windshields, these are factors that could detract a lot of time from your school run. Additionally, check your cars fuel on Sunday evening and fill up if necessary. You won’t need to stop during the school run then, saving you a great deal of time!


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