Creating a functional, cohesive home | A decor guide

With many of us working from home these days, it’s never been more important for homes to be functional and cohesive. Sometimes it can be hard to achieve a home that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We see many Pinterest boards and Instagram pages that flaunt aesthetic decors, but upon closer inspection, the decor serves no purpose other than sitting on a shelf. 

A balance may be achieved between functionality and beauty through careful consideration as to what decor items should be in your home. Here is a guide to help you choose decor items for your home that are both beautiful and practical.


The entrance of your home is a great place to start adding functionality through decor items. Items like a coat rack to store your regularly worn coats, or a shoe rack for your favourite shoes are great options to have here. Not only are these items aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also practical. Key bowls are a great addition to this area, as well as a mirror to check for smudged makeup or unruly hair before leaving the house.

For guests, this area should be welcoming, as it is the first taste they will get of your home. So make sure the coat rack is not overcrowded to ensure that your guests have a place to store their coats too. If you have kids, perhaps assign each person their own hook; not only will this assist with organisation, but is a cute addition to your home.

Living Area

The decor in the living room should serve to create a relaxing, functional environment. A place to rest your drink while you sit on the couch, whether that be a coffee table or a nearby shelf is a great way to achieve this. Coffee tables come in many different shapes and sizes, all of which serve as fashionable decor in the home. An additional functional decor item for a living room is a storage ottoman. These are great for storing extra blankets or toys for the kids. 

It is important to consider colour schemes when purchasing decor items for the living room. Your walls, furniture and decor should all have the same undertone. Exceptions to this are focal points in the room, such as a decorative vase or painting. If the colours in your living room don’t compliment each other, the room can appear disjointed and messy, creating a stressful environment. Check out the colour trends of the season to get more ideas for this room.


This is perhaps the most important area in the home to keep functional. We need space in the kitchen in order to use it properly, so any decor should be as functional as possible. Cookbooks are a great decor item for the kitchen. Not only can they be used to try new recipes, but they look great too.

Colourful kitchen appliances or decorative chopping boards can also be great functional decor items. Additionally, fruit bowls can be used to add a pop of colour or texture to the kitchen. 


Finally, the bedroom should be the most calming and relaxing place in your home, and the decor in there should act to support that. Bedroom decor can be more intimate and should aim to bring you happiness and help you relax. Family photos, jewellery stands or perfumes collections are great decor items that are both aesthetic and functional

A throw rug is another example of a functional and beautiful item would make a great addition to any bedroom. Not only does it provide an opportunity to add a splash of colour of texture to the room, but will also keep you warm in the colder months.

It’s uncertain what the rest of this year will hold, but creating a functional home is an investment that will pay off for years to come. 

Good luck!


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  1. August 31, 2020 / 9:29 pm

    Great post, we have just started putting a fruit bowl on the counter and having it within easy reach of my youngest. He has enjoyed being able to grab and eat an apple or banana by himself. It does look very inviting too. I enjoy the extra color and having a functional piece of decor is great.
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