Six simple ways to make your home warm and comfortable this winter

Ensuring that your home is warm and cosy this winter has never been more important. Staying indoors is the best thing we can do for others and for ourselves, even without formal restrictions in place. Though it isn’t ideal, by updating your home’s function and décor, you can truly make it into the only place you want to be all winter long. Make your home the ultimate sanctuary, and improve your satisfaction and running costs at the same time. With these six tips, you’ll make your home the perfect winter destination:

  1. Clear Off the Roof and Empty the Gutters

If there is any foliage on your roof, including moss, then this could damage your roof and cost you massively in the long run. It could also cause rotting and leaks in your roof – two things you absolutely do not want during winter. By clearing off any debris from your roof and clearing out your gutters and pipes, you can keep your home dry and insulated.

  1. Address Air Leaks in the Exterior

Check your exterior for any cracks, and feel around your home or bring in an insulation consultant to stop and seal up any air leaks in your property. It may be in your best interest to improve your home’s insulation, but only if it is necessary. If you don’t have a problem with how warm your home is, then insulating your attic isn’t going to provide a lot of difference to your comfort or energy bills.

  1. Maintain or Update Your Heating System

Book for a maintenance check ASAP, at the very least. Your system should be flushed out, cleaned, and properly maintained by a specialist, like this heating engineer Stafford option, which has been in business for almost 30 years. If you have the budget, even consider how you can improve your heating system for the future. Installing a new, more efficient boiler can really make a difference for your satisfaction in your home. You could also treat your home to a beautiful fireplace solution and amp up the cosiness in your living space. Just try to get these projects done now before it gets very cold and dark outside.

  1. Get Winter Curtains

Thick curtains do more than keep out peeping neighbours. They can also work to add greater insulation to your windows, especially at night. These curtains are typically thick and weighted, so consider upgrading for winter if yours doesn’t fit these criteria.

  1. Decorate with Textiles

Textiles are your best friend during the winter. Use blankets, rugs, and even tapestries to add texture, beauty, and warmth to your home. They are easy to decorate with and can even be stored away during the summer when they aren’t as needed.

  1. Add a Fireplace

Finally, a great way to make your home warm and cosy is with a fireplace. You don’t need to go through the effort of opening up any sealed away chimneys you have, either. Modern gas and electric fireplaces can add the same design and warmth as their traditional counterparts – the only thing you won’t have is the smell of firewood.


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