Things to know if you’re considering abdominoplasty

In the UK, abdominoplasty (more commonly known as a tummy tuck) is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, making up one in five of all of these surgeries. Since this procedure has surged in popularity, you may have been hearing more about it recently or you may have even begun to consider having one yourself. If this is the case, then here are the main things you should know before you decide to undergo abdominoplasty.

The surgery:

First of all, you should be aware of what this procedure entails. Abdominoplasty involves the removal of excess skin around the waist and the tightening of the abdominal muscles. Most commonly, people have excess, sagging skin due to extreme weight loss, but since skin loses its elasticity over time, older people can have sagging skin with a smaller amount of weight loss. Women who’ve had children also tend to have some excess skin around the stomach due to the extreme body changes during pregnancy.

After this surgery, the abdomen will look much flatter and tighter, which can boost confidence for many people. If you’re considering this procedure, you should always choose experienced specialists like those at Cadogan Clinic in London. Suspiciously cheap options could spell disaster for your results and also your health.


It’s important to remember that a tummy tuck is a major operation, requiring time to heal and recover. The surgery itself takes a couple of hours, and you’ll need to avoid any strenuous activity for a few weeks. You’ll feel reasonably mobile after four or five days, but since you won’t fully recover until eight weeks have passed, you’ll need to be careful and avoid things like going to the gym or lifting heavy objects until you’ve healed. It’s also recommended that you sleep on your back for the first four weeks and avoid driving for three weeks.


Since this is a large operation, you’ll be left with a scar afterwards. However, your surgeon will be able to make the incision on your lower abdomen so that it’s covered by your clothes, so this isn’t something to be too worried about. There are also ways you can speed up the healing process and minimise the appearance of your scar. For example, corticosteroid creams and silicone gels or sheets can reduce the appearance of scars and improve the healing process. Consult a doctor for more advice. 

After abdominoplasty:

To maintain your abdominoplasty results, you should avoid any dramatic weight changes in the future. This is why you should reach or be close to your goal weight before surgery – a tummy tuck is for removing excess skin and is not a weight loss surgery. If you’re getting a tummy tuck to return to your pre-childbirth body, make sure that you definitely don’t want any more kids before you undergo the procedure or you may undo your results.

Abdominoplasty is a major cosmetic procedure, which is why it’s important to be aware of all the facts before you make a decision. Also, by being aware of what this procedure entails, you can hopefully have a better recovery experience. 



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