10 secrets to a happy family

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Your family is made up of the people you are closest to, and it makes sense that you would want to do everything you can to ensure that you have a happy family life. These types of relationships are built over time, and you can use these secrets to help to ensure that your own family stays happy and secure. 

1. Put your Marriage or Relationship with your Partner First

The love and affection you have for each other should serve as the foundation for a strong family, so don’t neglect each other. It’s important for the children to see an example of parents who have a positive, loving relationship, too.

2. Eat Together

With today’s busy schedules, it can be challenging to get everyone in the family to sit down for the evening meal together but research says it is crucial. If you want a happy family, make a rule that you eat together at least four evenings a week.

3. Express Affection

Find ways to express affection with each other. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to say the words, “I love you” every day (although it is important to use them occasionally). Hug and kiss your spouse or partner and your children. Be considerate towards each other and show compassion instead of teasing or bullying.

4. Be There for Daily Activities

It’s not enough for parents to show up for special events. In order to create a sense of family belonging, the children need to know that they are important enough to have their parents spend time with them regularly. The activities involved in caring for children, such as helping with homework, making sure they get to bed on time, playing with them and answering questions is an integral part of parenting. 

5. Don’t Play Favourites with the Children

Each child is unique, with his or her own personality. Some are easier to relate to than others, but that doesn’t mean you should treat one as “special” or give one more privileges than another, when differences in age are considered. 

6. Find Activities you Can Do as a Family

A great way to enjoy some family bonding is to participate in group exercise – whether this involves playing a sport or enjoying a family walk, there is fun to be had for all. As we all know, getting regular exercise is part of a plan for good overall health. To make it even more enjoyable, why not set your family some challenges? An easy one to start with is the 10,000 steps challenge. If you and your family each manage to walk 10,000 steps each day for a year, you’re likely to cover more distance than there is between London and Moscow.    

7. Create and Honour your Own Family Rituals

Every family needs to have its own rituals. Some of them are tied to religious or bank holidays. For instance, your family may always celebrate Christmas in the same way year after year. These are your rituals, and they have meaning for you. 

Other types of rituals can include getting a takeaway on Friday nights and playing a board game together. Your family can make a ritual out of going on holiday to the same part of the country every year. 

8. Limit the Number of After-School Activities for your Children

A number of children are participating in several after-school activities every week. Along with having to keep up with regular lessons, they are enrolled in ballet, drama, football and other activities. Parents may feel as though their primary role is to make sure that their children get to their different activities on time, but being a chauffeur can get tiring. Choose a moderate number of activities so that children have time to do schoolwork and have some free time as well.

9. Keep your Voice Down to Create a Calm Environment

It is perfectly normal to feel angry and frustrated at times. Children thrive when their home environment is calm and stable. Raising your voice to a child is frightening to them and they aren’t able to really listen to what you are trying to tell them. Talk to them instead and your message will be able to get through more easily.

10. Have Inside Jokes

Happy families have inside jokes that people outside the family wouldn’t understand without an explanation. They also may have nicknames for each other. They indicate that your family is part of a group. They also help to remind everyone about shared experiences. 

If you want to have a happy family, you need to build one from the inside. Each of these secrets will help you reach your goal. Enjoy the people you are closest to; in the end family is what matters most. 



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