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4 kids, a job with long shifts, a blog and a university course about to begin means finding time for ME is almost IMPOSSIBLE. Any ‘free’ time I do get is usually spent tidying the house, catching up on the washing and ironing or just collapsing in front of the TV for an hour in the evening. 

However, I have found that if I can make a little bit of time for myself I feel so much better for it. I recently went to the hairdresser, which I haven’t done in such a long time, and I felt wonderful when I came out, like a new woman. 

I was chatting to some friends about this lately, and one of them mentioned that she was a nail technician in her before-children life. After a bit of diary rearranging, a group of us managed to get together at home and she brought along her gel nails kit and gave us all pretty nails. That simple evening, with some friends, some wine and some crisps, made us all feel re-energised and ready to face another week of the summer holidays!

I am fully aware that the next 3 years studying my midwifery degree are going to be HARD, and I know there won’t be much time for me. However, I have made a pact with some of my fellow students that one day each year, during our annual leave period, we will head off to a spa and salon for the day. Just to refresh, relax and socialise without the pressures of work, study and parenting. I can’t wait. 

In the meantime, we will be taking some notes from this new Experts in Beauty EBook from Ellisons, which contains some great tips and tricks for looking after yourself!

Experts in Beauty

Experts in Beauty


I think the skin care is going to be especially important for me – my skin really plays up when I am tired. I am going to make a positive effort to eat my 5 a day, get plenty of vitamin C in my diet and drink enough water – that’s my real downfall on a busy shift!

What do you do to keep yourself feeling healthy and relaxed? I would love your top tips!


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  1. August 5, 2017 / 7:18 pm

    Finding time for yourself, when you are a parent can be difficult, I found that even having a hot bubble bath can be a well deserved reward

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