Attending Your Child’s Wedding | How To Make The Most Of This Amazing Experience

Watching your child get married is one of the most exciting things in the whole world and an experience like no other. Naturally it will be a day that you will be nervous about but try not to let it get you too stressed. The main thing is to relax and enjoy the day, and don’t worry about the little things. We have put together some of our top advice to ensure that you make the most of this amazing experience.

If your child has decided to tie the knot and get married it’s sometimes tradition for the parents to donate some money towards the wedding fund. This isn’t something that you always need to do, and if you don’t have a lot of money yourself then you might want to offer to help in other ways, such as helping to make wedding favours or decorations. This doesn’t always need to be from the bride’s side if the family either, it can also be from the groom’s side. The percentage that most parents put towards a wedding fund can range from 30-40%, but like we said, if this isn’t something that you are able to do, then just give as much as you are able to.

Help to build their excitement and get them excited

No matter how anxious you might be feeling you will want to help to make your child feel relaxed and get excited for their big day. Especially on the morning of the wedding, you’ll want to really get the excitement levels high, you could do this by playing all your favourite songs, having a few drinks and just enjoying yourselves. This is a great time to establish that bond with your child and being part of their special day is one of the most important things.

Help them with the important decisions

Visiting bridal shops and helping with those really important decisions is something that a bride especially really needs. It is also something that you will love being a part of, and who doesn’t enjoy a day of shopping! You can offer advice and guidance on the dress styles and colours, there are so many different options for brides nowadays and you don’t even need to get married in white anymore. This isn’t just the case for brides, but also for grooms as well, it’s a nice excuse for the groom to go shopping with his dad and choose some suits for the groom, best man and also the father of the bride and groom.

Help with tasks on the wedding day

The morning of the wedding will naturally not only be an exciting time, but it will also be emotional and also stressful at times. You can help relieve some of this stress by helping with some of the big tasks on the day. These could include making sure that all the suppliers have arrived and things are running to schedule, helping with the flowers and bouquet, making sure that guests know where they need to go or any other tasks that might need doing on the day.

Speak to all the guests

As a parent of the happy couple there will not only be lots of family members attending the wedding, but also a lot of friends of the couple. It might be a nice idea to go around and chat to some of the guests, and introduce yourself to them. Guests who are attending will want to meet the couple’s parents, especially as the father of the bride will also get to do a speech during the wedding breakfast. This is a real honour and a great way for you to welcome your son’s bride into the family.



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