Post pandemic | Will people return to high street shopping?

The pandemic has changed our lives in many ways. Lockdowns have eliminated social events, impacted normal life, and taken a toll on high street shopping. Instead of being able to browse your local shops for new clothes or set of towels, we have been forced to shop online. 

Although the entire pandemic hasn’t been a full lockdown, the quality of life has certainly been impacted and everyday practices like high street shopping are no longer the norm.

For some, online shopping inhibits the risk of making their loved ones vulnerable during times like COVID-19. While others see online shopping as the better and easier way to shop. Thus, may never again feel the need to shop in-store. 

With that in mind, many wonder if people will return to the high street or continue shopping online. Although not everyone can access online shopping sites, it may seem that the majority of people will stick to it if and where possible. 

High Street Shopping Pros

  • For high street shopping, the biggest advantage is feeling a sense of reality and normality. Lacking access to physical shops has left many people bored, feeling useless, and in some cases, without the goods they need. 
  • Another crucial aspect and joy of shopping in-store are being able to try things and speak to staff members. Of which, are most likely experts on the products, which helps satisfy your purchase. You can ask questions and accomplish instant responses. Whereas if you shop online, questions and concerns you have about the products might take a long while to be answered. 
  • Additionally, the elimination of wait time is a huge benefit for high street stores. Instead of waiting 3 to 5 days for delivery, you can walk away from the shop with the product in your hand and ready to use.

High Street Shopping Cons

  • One downfall of high street shopping is the price. It is implied that high street stores cost more than online stores. The prices are higher as a reflection of the staffs time and paychecks. 

Likewise, there are pros and cons of online shopping to take into consideration.

Online Shopping Pros

  • A key advantage of online shopping is convenience. For instance, if you require regular goods such as medicines or household items, you can order them online and not have to make time to go to the shops outside of work and personal commitments.
  • For instance, online pharmacies are increasingly popular due to their convenience. You can receive your prescriptions or pharmaceutical products at home by using the Online Chemist from Oxford Online Pharmacy. You can even chat with pharmacy experts and ask questions about your concerns without having to head in-store.
  • Another benefit of online shopping is its constant access and availability. Instead of wasting your time heading to a shop to find that they have run out of what you need, you can shop multiple stores online. In most cases, you can access anything due to the abundance of online shops that offer the same product. Thus, you will likely guarantee to find what you need. It is also possible to get some really good deals online if you are internet savvy – I managed to find some great deals on auction sites recently by searching for an eBay coupon.
  • Time-saving is also a huge benefit of online shopping. Instead of dedicating an entire day or lunch hour going to the shops, you can shop on the go and receive the products within a few days. In some cases, you can receive the order the same day, or the next day, with companies like Sometimes, shipping costs more for quicker delivery. However, this price might outweigh the lower prices of products available online. 

Online Shopping Cons

  • The biggest disadvantage of online shopping is its impact on the environment. It not only increases people’s shopping habits, which contributes to fast fashion and an over-production of food. Plus, it also increases the emissions from delivery cars and vans. It increases the need for driving, which can be kept at a minimum with high street shopping. When people go high street shopping, they often use public transport. Shared transport contributes less to CO2 emissions and fewer transport modes are being used.

It seems that the future of retail therapy and sourcing your essentials is heading towards online shopping. Instead of paying more and having to travel to the stores, you can shop and receive the products from the comfort of your own home. 

The pandemic has been beneficial for businesses that offer multiple products. Small businesses in particular have seen a significant increase in sales. 

However, how much longer do you think online shopping will be the best option? There are advantages and disadvantages of both. Thus, it is up to you to decide which is best for you after the pandemic.


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