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I love Britax car seats – we have used them for many years now. In fact, the first car seat we bought back when Gemma was a newborn was a Britax. Eliza still rear faces in her amazing Britax Dualfix car seat, and recently we were sent the Britax Advansafix III SICT for Max to try. 

Britax Advansafix Britax Advansafix Britax Advansafix Britax Advansafix

This group 1,2,3 car seat has been designed to provide comfort and safety for older children from approx 9 months – 12 years of age. It features extended 5 point harness protection right through to 18kg, so you can keep your child in a harness for much longer than other seats. Once you move on to a seat belt fastening, the SecureGuard protection ensures optimal lap belt positioning. 

It’s a breeze to fit – the Isofix guides help you slide the seat into the right position, and there are green indicators to show you it is secured properly. It comes with Isofix Pivot Link and V tether anchorage points, minimising forward movement in an accident, so you can rest assured that the seat won’t move once installed. 

Britax Advansafix

One of the biggest plus points for me is the level of side impact protection. The side wings are really deep, and incredibly padded, and the Advansafix comes with removable SICT technology, to be used on the side closest to the car door. It just gives you that extra layer of protection, and peace of mind that your child is safe. 

There are multiple recline positions with this car seat, which is another really big plus point for me. Max is 4 now, but does still fall asleep in the car occasionally, and so a recline is really important. There is nothing worse than seeing their little head fall forwards when you are driving. The recline is easy to access even from the front passenger seat – there is a press lever just under the shell of the seat, which you depress to allow you to pull the seat forwards. It will then click into one of the recline modes. 

Britax Advansafix

Being able to adjust the seat easily is really important too – Max seems to grow so quickly at the moment! The Britax Advansafix has this covered too, with a super easy headrest adjustment via button at the back of the seat. As you lift or lower the headrest, this automatically adjusts the height of the 5 point harness in line with it, so you know that you will always get the correct fit. 

Overall, this is a really well made seat which focuses on child safety and comfort. We love how easy it is to fit and adjust, how easily the covers come off for washing (you don’t even have to remove the harness) and how padded it is. The recline is a great feature that you often don’t see on car seats for older children, and the additional SICT protection offers real peace of mind. It gets the thumbs up from us!

Britax Advansafix



  1. July 25, 2017 / 6:08 pm

    I really could have used one of these, when I was working as a registered child minder, as it fits children of different ages and sizes

  2. Michela
    November 30, 2017 / 9:21 am

    Hi, please can I ask you a video to see how recline the ADVANSAFIX III SICT? Someone tell me that isn’t so simply to recline…
    Thank you

    • kate
      December 2, 2017 / 9:04 am

      I will try and get a video when I get time, but it is incredibly easy to recline. You just push in the button under the base of the seat and pull the seat forwards. I can do it from the front passenger seat with ease.

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