What is blockchain? How does it work?

What comes to your mind when the time blockchain technology is mentioned? Is it Bitcoin or some funny scams that run by funny companies out there? It is one of the technologies that has transformed in ways that they could not imagine.

We were lucky to have a session with expert Boross Ors (check his profile here), who helped us understand this concept better.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Block technology is a structure that stores transactional records in several databases known as a block. The approach secures a high volume of data through the peer-to-peer nodes. The transaction records stored by the technology are also referred to as Block. The process of keeping the public data in several databases is called a digital ledger.

It’s a digital ledger because every transaction gets authenticated first by the users through a digital signature. The digital authentication of every transaction plays a vital role in securing any data or transactions from interference by other individuals.

Uses of Blockchain technology

The online casino industry

The casino sector is known for adopting advanced technology. The industry in Hungary has improved over the years courtesy of the various forms of technology it adapts. 

Cryptocurrencies and specifically Bitcoin, have been the latest talk in the online casino industry in Hungary. That’s because they are useful in making secure transactions. That makes its users confident that their data and funds are safe, and that the websites being accessed are aware of the the legalities of gambling; keeping users and their funds as safe as can be. How important is the technology to the online casino revolution:

Enhances faster transactions

Initially, many Hungary online gamblers were used to waiting for several hours for a transaction to go through. However, that’s different with Blockchain technology, considering that it does not involve many procedures to make a transaction possible.

Unlike the banks that involve charges when making transactions, the case is different with Blockchain technology. It eliminates all the unnecessary costs making the transaction to be problem-free. Some of the platforms on magyar online kaszinó https://kaszinok.online/ have adopted various payment forms and those that allow crypto payments are quite common.

Eliminates cross border discrimination

Initially, making transactions to international casinos was a problem because of cross-border discrimination. But with the revolution blockchain technology in gaming, everything has become smooth for the players. Accessing games is easier now with the presence of technology. It helps in the elimination of payment restrictions put by various casinos.

User Anonymity

Everyone values privacy and makes it their top-notch priority when doing anything online. When playing in a blockchain-powered casino, you will not need to provide the casinos with many details about you.

You will only need a wallet that will enable you to deposit while playing and withdraw when you win. When using the technology during transactions, the bank will not bear that you participated in an online casino transaction. Fortunately, most online casinos have also noticed the rising demand for it. As such, they have been forced to adopt it in their systems.

Promotes trust between the players and the casinos

For a long time, many people have known the internet as an unsafe place. Even though that sounds right, it also depends on the kind of sites you access. Some sites have enhanced their users’ security.

That makes them safe from possible threats posed by cyber attackers. Blockchain technology in gaming also improves the players’ safety making the gaming sites highly preferable.

Other areas that have benefited from blockchain


Many people believe that blockchain technology is only applicable to casinos’. However, that’s not the case because the financial sector hugely benefits from it. It helps in banking transactions such as trade finance, lending and other allied transactions in the sector. As such, it eliminates most of the work that the middlemen would have undertaken.


Blockchain technology is useful in the insurance sector because it helps in protecting the records of clients. That prevents the alteration of vital data by a third party. It also helps to automate insurance claims hence promoting transparency.

Supply chain

The supply chain involves a network of people who deals with the production sector and the end consumer. There is also an exchange of vital information. That, in turn, calls for a suitable technology to protect the data. Blockchain technology makes that possible.

The above information reveals to you that blockchain technology is the future of gaming and other industries. It is only a matter of time that all the industries realise the potential of this technology.


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