An interview with Jacob, age 5

Now here’s a cute idea. Ask your young child these questions, and see what answers they come up with. Guaranteed to get a giggle!

1. What is something Mummy always says to you? 
No computers!

2. What makes Mummy happy? 

3. What makes Mummy sad? 
Saying ‘I want that’ all the time

4. How does your Mummy make you laugh? 
Tickles me

5. What was your Mummy like as a child? 
Nice and pretty

6. How old is your Mummy? 
70…….thanks Jacob!

7. How tall is your Mum? 
10 foot tall

8. What is her favourite thing to do? 
Have a day out with me

9. What does your Mum do when you’re not around? 
Do computer work

10. If your Mum becomes famous, what will it be for? 
Strictly Come Dancing

11. What is your Mum really good at? 
Drawing (I’m not….at all!)

12. What is your Mum not very good at? 
Getting Max dressed

13. What does your Mum do for her job? 
Washing the clothes

14. What is your Mum’s favourite food? 

15. What makes you proud of your Mum? 
How you look after Max

16. If your Mum were a cartoon character, who would she be? 
Sally from Cars

17. What do you and your Mum do together? 
Go out for a walk

18. How are you and your Mum the same? 
We have both got brown eyes

19. How are you and your Mum different? 
You’re a girl and I’m a boy

20. How do you know your Mum loves you? 
Because you cuddle me

21. What does your Mum like most about your dad? 
He is cool

22. Where is your mum’s favourite place to go? 
To the park to play football with me

I would love to know what your children say when you interview them. I am tagging The Olivers MadhouseWe’re going on an adventureOh so Amelia and Mama Mummy Mum – Let’s see what they have to say!


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